Bosch Diesel Center


The Bosch Diesel Centers, like the Bosch Diesel Service, specialise in the diagnostics and reparation of in-line and rotary pumps, and are also qualified in terms of training and equipment, to offer these services in:

  • VP 44 pumps
  • Common Rail pumps
  • Injector pumps

The BDC is highly technically qualified and is the most complete specialist for diesel systems. It is authorised by Bosch for the aftermarket service and warranties on diesel technology spare parts and systems.

The Bosch Diesel Center network, among others, makes the following services available:

  • Checking, reparation and adjustment of in-line and rotary pumps in series and distributor injection pumps
  • Reparation of all types of injectors
  • Diagnostics and failure solutions in all types of diesel-injection systems
  • Checking and optimisation of yield and consumption
  • Investigation of exhaust gases according to legal specifications
  • Reparation of modern diesel-systems components
  • General repair work to diesel vehicles
  • Technical Assistance and Warranty on Bosch products in the systems and/or diesel-injection products area
  • Diesel vehicle maintenance according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Pump exchange program from our extensive stock:
  • New
  • Pumps repaired in factory from the manufacturer’s exchange program
  • Exchange of reconditioned injection pumps by the Bosch Diesel Center